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О клинике

Green Clinic

Strives to ensure a high-quality level of health services for all patients.

Multifaceted Medical Center

The Center was found in 2018 in a modern stand-alone building in the very center of the medical cluster of our capital. Our medical center is equipped with modern medical equipment of the leading global producers from the USA, Japan, Germany and South Korea. All our medical staff has high medical qualifications and works in strict correspondence with the regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The multitasking of our center allows our patients to receive a wide range of medical services from the initial consultation of a physician, Functional and Diagnostic Radiology to hospital treatment according to general and surgical profiles. We provide long-term relationships for our patients, both on a contractual basis, both with elements of preventive personalized medicine and case follow-up of patients with chronic diseases. Our priority is the safety of patients and the safety of the rendered medical services. That is why we have own sterilization center of medical instruments and use only modern equipment and proven sterilization means. We desire health for our patients and if you should seek medical advice, we are looking forward to provide you with the medical services at the highest level.

Sincerely yours, the staff of Green Clinic.

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