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Check your health today - be healthy tomorrow!

Why it is important to have a Check up


Precursors of diseases are detected during the checkup and according to the results you can adjust your health without recourse to drugs.

Saving of time

It is important to detect the disease in time and start treatment as early as possible.

Financial advantage

Costs for Check Up today – an investment in your future health!

Преимущества прохождения
Check up в «GREEN CLINIC»



Availability of a wide choice of specialists and medical equipment in our clinic will provide you with a quick checkup in our clinic.




We conduct a checkup on a set of diagnostic services verified in clinics of Turkey and South Korea.




We will meet you at our clinic and provide you with personalized support at all stages of checkup, as well as a ward for comfortable waiting for results.


Procedure of examination

Attendance of general practitioner of Green Clinic.

A physician will “accompany” you through the whole diagnostics. During your attendance, a physician will assess your health status, perform an examination and prepare an examination plan. The general practitioner will be your personal health “guide” and answer all your questions.

You pass all the necessary examinations.

The advantage is that checkup is performed in the building of the clinic, which has its own laboratory, office for analysis and imaging rooms.

When the diagnostics is completed, you should attend a general practitioner again.

The physician interprets and explains in detail all the results of the analyses and examinations you have passed. The physician recommends a diet, adjusts physical activity and provides advice on health improvement. If necessary, the physician refers you to a specialty physician, if diseases are detected, the physician prescribes treatment. You will receive a full report on the results of the examination.

Take Care of Your Health Right Now! Choose Your Ideal Checkup Package!

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