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Отделение лучевой диагностики

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

SuperMark, Anke 1.5 tesla (China)

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a modern kind of diagnostics using a magnetic field and radio waves (but not ionized radiation, which is used in X-ray machines and computed tomography). Therefore, MRI is safe and can be performed as often as necessary. Magnetic resonance imaging is a highly informative diagnostic method, the most indicative for examination of soft tissues, allowing obtaining images in form of tissue sections of one or another organ.

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64-sections, Phillips Brilliance (Netherlands)

Computed tomography (CT or MSCT) is a diagnostic technique based on the sectional examination of the internal organs and systems structure; the data are obtained by means of X-ray equipment combined with a powerful computer station, which allows for rapid detailed image analysis. Computed tomography is one of the best non-invasive (performed without tissues damage) diagnostic techniques.

The high-resolution capability of MSCT combined with advanced software that allows reconstruction of very thin sections, visualizes changes that do not exceed even a few millimeters in size, which allows detection of diseases at very early stages.

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X-ray unit

digital device Opera (Italy)

X-ray radiology is a field of medicine related to radiological methods of diagnosis of diseases. This examination is performed on modern diagnostic devices with the use of radiation.

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