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Платная поликлиника

Why should you choose Green Clinic


  • High Qualification and Experience – Our physicians are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their areas.
  • Individual Approach to Patients – Our physicians provide individualized attention to each patient.
  • Modern Methods – Diagnostics and treatment using modern medical equipment, which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment.


  • Quick access and no queues
  • Flexible attendance schedule
  • Wide range of services – pass various medical procedures and examinations in one place.


  • Aesthetics and Comfort – modern, stylish premises and comfortable wards.
  • Convenience and Accessibility – You can park your car at the clinic’s parking, reducing time and efforts to search for a parking space.
  • Individual support – From meeting on the doorstep to the completion of your attendance

Medical and preventive services

Certificate 069/У

Sanatorium-resort medical history (therapeutic)

Certificate 072/У

For leaving abroad

Certificate 073/У

A recipient can drive a vehicle.

Certificate 075/У

  • upon admission to educational establishments
  • upon employment

Certificate 076/У

acquisition, storage, storage and bear of civil and duty weapon

Child health passport (form 026/у)

Prior to admission to:

  • educational organization (school, boarding school, lyceum);
  • preschool education organization (kindergarten).

Sick list

certifying temporary disability of citizens and confirming temporary release from work

Sanitary certificate (medical history)

conformity of an employee with medical requirements and passed compulsory medical examinations.

Periodic preventive medical examination of employees

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