Новым пациентам

Dear patients!

Receiving medical services, an important point is patient identification and safety of patients’ medical data, which directly affects the quality and safety of medical services! This is one of the key requirements of Kazakhstan and international standards of medical services quality.

For that purpose, you are kindly requested to read our rules for identification, processing and issue of medical documents in our Clinic.



Necessary documents
ID card

During initial presentation of a patient over 18 years old, identification and registration are based on an identity document.

Birth certificate of the minor and ID card of the parent

If the patient is a minor, the accompanying adult must be the legal representative of the child (i.e. one of the parents or adoptive parents).

The accompanying adult must have an ID card and the birth certificate of the child or passport for minors from 14 to 18 years old.

Voluntary informed consent and power of attorney from parents

If the accompanying adult is not a legal representative (i.e. the grandparent, aunt/uncle, brother/sister, babysitter or other individual), the child may be admitted if one of the parents has previously signed a voluntary informed consent to medical intervention and a power of attorney to provide medical information to the child.

In the absence of the abovementioned documents

The Clinic is not entitled to provide medical services to patients who have not been identified.


Invasive procedures

To sign an informed consent

The patient must sign an informed consent before invasive procedures can be performed at our Clinic.

Informed consent

Informed consent is a document where all aspects of treatment and diagnosis are described in details, which is signed by a patient and guarantees the voluntary consent of the patient to a specific treatment and diagnostic method.

Invasive procedure

An invasive procedure is a method of diagnosis and treatment of diseases by means of surgeries and manipulations performed through penetration into the internal environment of the human body.

In case of a patient’s refusal to sign an informed consent

The Clinic is not entitled to provide medical services involving invasive procedures.


Obtain the results of analyses, tests, examinations

Confidentiality and protection of patient data

The results of analyses, tests, and examinations of patient are issued to the patient immediately after they have been performed. In case of a later receipt, the results will be issued to patients at the repeated attendance only after identification of the patient (see p. 1). The results of your tests will not be issued to third parties without patient identification.

Online results

Issue of the results of examinations in electronic form is also stipulated in case of preliminary registration of patients in electronic systems.

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