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About Physician



About Physician

    • Founder of medical tourism development and promotion in Kazakhstan
    • Member of professional medical associations of Kazakhstan, Europe, USA
    • Physician of the UN mission in Eritrea and Ethiopia (UNMEE) 2002-2003
    • Engaged in work on development of international relations, cooperation with foreign organizations and interaction between large international insurance companies
    • Fluency in English language



    • Alma-Ata State Medical Institute (ASMI), General Medicine 1975-1981
    • Internship training and improvements in Kazakhstan and abroad
    • Participant of medical seminars and 3-times probation on gynecology in Salzburg, Vienna under the program Soros (Austria)
    • Speaker and participant of international congresses on public health service and medical tourism, round tables, working commissions


    Activity area

    • Medical services quality control
    • Safety of medical activity and patients
    • International cooperation


    Additional training and probation:

    • Passed training in USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries (more than 45 countries)
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