About Physician



About Physician

Physician of Superior Merit


• 1989 – 1996 Akmola State Medical Institute
• 2009 – 2009 Medical University Astana NJSC
• 2018 – 2018 Medical University Astana NJSC

Main areas of outpatient activity

• Management of all diagnostic and treatment departments, offices, laboratories. Verification and maintenance of medical documentation, preparation and control of working plans of the organization.
Additional training and probation:
• 2017 – “Urgent issues of cardiology” MUA JSC
• 2019 – “EchoCG according to the international standards with the course of EchoCG in pediatrics and diagnostics of congenital heart disorders”, “Ultrasound angiology according to the international standards”, Yekaterinburg city
• 2020 – advanced training courses in Medical University Astana NJSC on the subject: Cardiology (adult) on the cycle “Interventional Cardiology and Coronary Heart Disease (Interventional Surgery/ X-ray Endovascular Surgery)”
• 2021 – advanced training courses в Medical University Astana NJSC “Therapy” on the cycle “Relevant issues of therapy in general medicine”

Awards and Achievements

• Outstanding worker of Public Health Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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